Vintage 14k Bezel Set Erotic Adult Zodiac Coin Pendants

I am constantly looking for amazing vintage zodiac charms and was chuffed to find these vintage brass coins, which feature the zodiac with dates on one side and their corresponding sexual position on the back.

Where did these coins come from, you might ask? They were used decades ago in adult bookstores in token/quarter video viewers. Don't worry- we have cleaned these thoroughly and also polish them to a shiny finish, which will develop its own natural patina over time with wear.

All charms are encircled in a 14k gold bezel with an oversized jump ring, also in 14k gold.

NOTE: There are some natural variations in the color of each coin after polishing, and no two are exactly alike! Measuring 1" in width and 6.8 grams, these are an incredible spin on the traditional zodiac and truly unique! 

Orders are custom-made, which takes approximately 2 weeks to ship.


Aries - Fearless

Taurus - Creative

Cancer - Versatile

Leo - Friendly

Libra - Professional

Scorpio - Definitive

Sagittarius - Active

Capricorn - Aware

Pisces - Provider

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