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I’m Olivia, AKA The Big Oh. What was once the title for my (short-lived) DJ career morphed into an Instagram handle, which today inspires the name for my shop, Big Oh Bijoux.

The granddaughter of an antique dealer, I've always been fascinated with vintage clothes, jewelry, and furniture. I’ve been collecting antique jewelry for over a decade, teaching myself how to test metals and identify stones, hallmarks, and styles as I go. When decided in 2017 to part with some of my collection to pay for boring things (like mortgages), but quickly realized how much I enjoyed sourcing special pieces for new homes. 
I have been sourcing, customizing, and selling jewelry full time since 2019 and am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to do so. Often, I decide what pieces to purchase based on how hard they'd be to give up! Each item I feature is something that I felt I couldn't leave behind.

If you have any questions about an item or I can provide more info, please let me know! I am always happy to help answer any questions you have. My goal is to make sure you are absolutely thrilled with your purchase.

Happy Shopping!

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