Big Oh Bijoux Aphrodite Charm

A celebration of the female form, the Aphrodite pendant was cast in wax from a handmade vintage piece and recreated by our skilled jeweler in several options- with diamond nipples, a diamond belly button, or in her "plain" solid gold form.

We've named her Aphrodite after the Greek goddess of love and beauty, a symbol of the divine feminine. The pendant measures 1.65" inches in total length (including the bail) and weighs a solid 5.8 grams, with a domed backside.

It has a wide enough bail to accommodate many sizes and widths of chains. It is solid enough to wear alone or easily layer with others. Please note: these are hand-made to order and fabricated by hand with a 2-4 week lead time. Diamonds are 1.5mm wide/ea.

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