Incredible 14k Engraved Rutilated Quartz Ring

I’m thrilled to offer up this truly one-of-a-kind find.

I hardly ever see rutilated quartz jewelry- this ring had my heart immediately, not only for the unique (and giant) quartz specimen but also for the stunning hand-engraved floral design framing it. 

Set in 14k gold, the face of the ring measures an impressive 1” inch long. The stone contains a beautiful galaxy of acicular inclusions. These needle-like inclusions are rutile, a mineral that contains titanium dioxide and often iron oxide. The more iron oxide, the more golden the strands of rutile appear.

A harder stone, quartz is 7-7.5 on the mohs scale and thus a great durable option for jewelry.  If I had to guess, I believe this was an antique setting that had the quartz added later on, perhaps as a replacement. It gives it the coolest old-meets-new vibe- I love wearing this ring so much, and the peekaboo of skin from behind the stone. 

14k Rutilated Quartz Hand Engraved Ring- Size 5.75 (sizable) - 14.1g - 1” face 

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