"Gloria" 1.59 Carat Diamond Heart Solitaire Necklace

Meet Gloria. She’s a bit of a Frankenstein- I found the heart-shaped bezel first, then the diamond (not always easy with a vintage setting), and then, the chain! It needed to be sturdy enough to balance with this bodacious beauty.

The bezel is 18k white gold- without the usual rhodium plating over, I have polished it with a lightly matte finish so the color is less “white” than most white gold. The chain is 14k yellow gold, and the diamond is a large 1.59-carat heart. With a grade of I1 she’s got inclusions, yes, but they are clear/white (vs black which I find more noticeable to the eye). Her fluorescence imparts a super white, bright characteristic in and out of the sunlight. She looks like a million bucks on with any outfit, and is being offered at a fabulous deal. I hope Gloria finds a deserving home for her future!


The “Gloria” Necklace // 1.59 Carat Diamond (H,I1) Heart set in 18k WG Heavy Bezel and 14k Biker Chain - 19g - Center setting measures 14.7mm - 16” long solid vintage biker chain with 3.8mm wide links 

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