Etruscan Revival 15k Torpedo Drop Earrings

An impressive and grandiose pair of Etruscan revival earrings, fabricated in 15k gold with the most stunning bloomed finish. These are spectacular in size, with 2.25” long drops and elegant ear wires that hold them securely in place. 15k gold was retired from use in the UK in 1931, and though these earrings are not hallmarked (they have been tested to confirm) we can assume they are British-made.

For a deeper dive into this collectible design:

The ancient Etruscans were known for their intricate metalwork, including beautiful gold jewelry featuring detailed designs and granulation techniques. Etruscan revival jewelry became popular in the 19th century during the Victorian era, when designers of that time were inspired by the artifacts unearthed from archeological sites and began creating pieces that echoed the past.

These designs remain timeless among collectors and jewelry lovers 🩷

15k Torpedo Drop Earrings - 15.6g combined weight - 2.25” drop

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