Big Oh Bijoux UR OK Charm

About a year ago, I found a unique mid-century charm, round and disc-shaped, that had been hand engraved "UR OK". I thought it must have been originally a couples initials- imbued with new meaning in today's shorthand.

But then I found another vintage charm- spelling UR OK- this one a flimsy cut out in 14k gold, which felt like it was a sign from the universe to finally immortalize this phrase in the Big Oh Bijoux collection. I wanted to make this one heftier, so it could be worn alone or layered with others every day. 

This tiny but mighty charm is .50" inches tall (not including the bail measurement) and a beefy 1.4g. It feels super sturdy and has a large jump ring to accommodate your chain of choice. I have it offered in a polished (shiny) finish or matte/satin, for the perfect everyday talisman. 

Please note this is a custom design, made to order in NYC! Please allow 2-3 weeks for shipping.

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