Rare Large 14k Vintage Birthstone Calendar Pendant

A large 14k vintage medallion, featuring the corresponding birthstones for each month! Measuring 1.5” across, it weighs a whopping 16 grams. The large bale can accommodate most size chains and is 18k. Beautifully restored and ready for her new home!

I believe this piece may have been a locket- please note there are some scuffs on the back left side and a previous initial engraving. Nothing that detracts from this beauty while worn!

January // Garnet

February // Amethyst

March // Aquamarine

April // Diamond

May // Emerald

June // Alexandrite 

July // Ruby

August // Peridot

September // Sapphire

October // Tourmaline

November // Topaz

December // Zircon

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