Big Oh Bijoux Custom Etoile Bands

After months of toil (stones too small, the band not quite thick enough...) I have finally perfected the perfect etoile band! These are made with 14k solid gold comfort fit bands, meant to be worn daily for you guessed it, ultimate comfort. The bands measure 5mm wide and weigh a nice solid 4.5 grams (in size 6). The stones are chosen carefully for vibrancy and clarity and measure 2.4mm each. 

For Sizes 4-6, rings have 8 stones. For Sizes 7-10, rings have 10 stones. 8 Stone rings have .40 carats and 10 stone rings have .50 carats. 

Choose from three different designs!

A. Alternating Gemstones (shown with sapphire and diamond)

B. All Diamond

C. Half Diamonds, Half Gemstones (shown with emerald and diamond)

D. All Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald

Choose your size + style to order, and please feel free to message me for additional information or custom requests. Made to order in NYC, please allow 2-3 weeks to fabricate and ship.


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